We’re at NASA!

Our test would be in Houston, Texas at NASA Johnson Space Center in what they call the Neutral Buoyancy Lab. This is one of the biggest pools in the world with about 6.2 million gallons of water. The reason they do microgravity testing here is because when you are neutrally buoyant in water the environment […]

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Off to Houston

After hours of assembly, testing and running around town to find special parts, the team is ready to get ZOIDBERG to Houston for test week. We are very proud of our fabrication team and all of the hard work and long nights they put in to making ZOIDBERG a reality. It’s exciting to see our […]

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Steady as she goes

With just three weeks to go before the team goes to Houston there are a lot of things that the team has to do to get our tool ZOIDBERG as ready as possible before taking it to the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Huston. This includes more testing and a lot of documentation to make sure […]

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Setting course for test week

The team has been hard at work designing our tool for the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory and working on our K-12 outreach. A lot of progress has been made in the last few weeks and there is still a lot to be done before we head to Houston. After several design meetings the team decided on […]

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We have liftoff!

We did it! We made it to the next phase of the Micro-g NExT program. Our proposal was accepted and the Boise State 2015 Microgravity Team will be headed to NASA this summer! This is the seventh consecutive year that a Boise State team has been accepted, what an honor! For those of you who […]

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STEM Exploration Day

STEM Exploration Day is a Boise State University Event full of open science and engineering demonstrations. The Boise State Microgravity Team facilitated the use of Boise State’s wind tunnel as well as made us of Toys in Space material from the NASA education program. When visitors arrived to the Civil Engineering building, one of the […]

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Hello world!

Welcome from the 2015 Boise State Microgravity University Team! This year starts an all new program and an all new adventure. The program has changed a little but it is still an exciting undergraduate research opportunity with NASA! You may have heard and seen pictures like this one, with Boise State teams on a reduced […]

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