Steady as she goes

With just three weeks to go before the team goes to Houston there are a lot of things that the team has to do to get our tool ZOIDBERG as ready as possible before taking it to the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Huston. This includes more testing and a lot of documentation to make sure NASA has all the information they need and ZOIDBERG works properly. Although class is out for the summer the team is still working very hard. But it’s not all work. We did plan a barbeque!

Some recent milestones we had included completing our TEDP or the Technical Equipment Data Package. It was a huge document and it was one of the biggest deliverable items we had to submit to NASA. It felt great to get it done and was a big learning experience.

TEDP sent!!
The team gathers for a photo after submitting our TEDP to NASA. We celebrated with ice cream.

We weren’t the only ones doing learning though. We got to work with dozens of kids who participated in E-Day and we saw some amazingly creative ideas from the students. The kids were pretty excited and their designs ranged from simple scoops to clamps that were modeled after human tendons.

E-Day rules!
This is us with the E-Day students. That’s us in the front.

ZOIDBERG also got some table space at the Senior Design Showcase. It was a blast to see all the things people had to display at the showcase and we were excited to be there.

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