Microgravity Team Appears on PBS Science Trek Show

The 2015 Boise State Microgravity team had the unique opportunity to be a part of a PBS children’s show called Science Trek. This show focuses on different subjects related to science and delivers real life examples and applications to help the students learn. The topic of this episode was Asteroids and Comets.

The show begins with questions and answers on the topic of asteroids and comets. Young students from different schools in Idaho asked the questions either through video or online. To answer the questions Brian Jackson, a physics professor at Boise State and Camille Eddy, 2015 Microgravity team lead, answered these questions. The filming took place in front of the Observatory on top of the Boise State Education building.

The rest of the 2015 Microgravity team was also featured in an interview. And there was also an overview of our Microgravity project. Footage was taken from the NASA test at the Johnson Space Center and footage was also taken of the team building the tool at Boise State.

You can watch the complete show by following this link to PBS (Idaho Public Television), or watch the video below from YouTube.

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