Meet the Team

10806321_579063405573125_1665341097004672707_nCamille Eddy (Team Lead)
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Interests: Web Design, Videography

Camille Eddy is a sophomore pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. She has always been interested in space and has participated in a few NASA projects. These include attending as a student and then later as a mentor for the Idaho Science and Aerospace Scholars which is a part of the NASA Aerospace Scholars Program. She is also president of the student organization Space Broncos. This club is designed to promote space outreach. This club organized a Space Symposium that featured a live downlink with the International Space Station and Commander Steve Swanson and astronaut Rick Mastracchio. Camille also has two years of experience working in research labs at Boise State including the Ceramic Micro-Electrical Mechanical Systems Lab. Where she has worked with industry partners on the thermoelectric generator that converts heat from car exhaust back into energy. Camille presents at regularly scheduled design and development meetings and develops the thermoelectric device according to new research or design plans. In the future Camille plans to continue her work in Space Science research by obtaining a master’s degree and eventually a doctorate. She will hopefully be working with NASA, and would not mind taking her research with her to space one day.


Chris Rubymicrogravityphoto
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Interest: Playing Sports

Chris is a sophomore pursuing a bachelors degree in electrical and computer engineering with a minor in mathematics.  Chris has completed an associates in electronics systems during his six years in the United States Air Force.  Chris is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina and upon completion of his enlistment he transferred to Boise State University. Chris hopes to continue his education after completing his bachelors degree with continuing his education and pursue a masters degree.  He hopes to work with NASA helping with future missions. Chris is also a lacrosse coach at Boise High School.


IMG_0504Colton Colbert
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Interests: Whitewater Rafting, Baseball

Colton is currently a senior pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering with minors in Applied Mathematics, and Chemistry at Boise State University. Having spent his first 3 years of schooling as a Chemistry major, conducting research with the Boise State University Physics department, he eventually found that his interests truly lie in engineering. Once finished with his degree he will be pursuing a career in renewable energies, with the hope of one day designing or fabricating more efficient solar panels. He spends any spare time he has white water rafting, skiing, and enjoying the outdoors.


SAM_0268 (2)Eli Andersen
Major: Geosciences
Interests: Camping, Playing Sports

Eli is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Geosciences with an emphasis in Secondary Education through Boise State University’s IDoTeach STEM education teacher preparation program. Eli completed an associate’s degree in Earth Science Education before transferring to Boise State University. Eli is currently working as an undergraduate researcher in Boise State University’s Isotope Geology Laboratory. His research interests include zircon geochronology and heavy rare earth element partitioning in zircon-garnet during metamorphic events. He has always had an interest in science as well as education. He hopes to pursue a career as a high school science teacher after graduation in order to help prepare our country’s future scientists and engineers.


John Cashin
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Interests: Kokondo Karate, Target Shooting

John is a sophomore double majoring in Materials Science and Engineering and Pre-Medical studies at Boise State University. After spending four years as an electrical engineer in the Marine Corps, he matriculated into the Honors College at Boise State in the spring semester of 2013. John has been conducting research in the Northwest Tissue Mechanics Laboratory since the beginning of the fall semester of 2013, and has been constructing an imaging device that utilizes polarized light to analyze and quantify fiber orientation within ligament samples in nearreal time under test conditions. John hopes to attain an MD-PhD and work in clinical research to advance nanotechnology in the medical field.


IMG_3900Jacob Davlin
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Interests: Snowboarding, Homebrewing

Jacob is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering with dual minors in Biomedical Engineering and Mathematics. Jacob has served in the past as Vice President and Treasurer of the Mechanical Engineers Club, Boise State University chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). He is the current standing President of this organization. Jacob is a founding member of the Mini-Baja Club, which did project work on an RC car competition. This project culminated in a 3rd place finish in a regional competition in Des Moines, WA. Aside from clubs, Jacob has worked as a student research technician from August 2012-Current under Dr. Don Plumlee in the Ceramic-Microelectrical Mechanical Systems Lab (C-MEMS Lab). From this lab Jacob has gained experience working with Low Temperature Co-fired 40 Ceramic (LTCC) on multiple projects. One project is titled “Harness plasma to create thrusters for satellites.” This project is NASA based. Jacob had expanded his student research technician work in October to another lab administered by Dr. Jim Browning as part of the Plasma Group. This job includes working with vacuum chambers, electromagnetics, space plasmas, and much more. Jacob hopes to eventually attain a M.S. in Aerospace Engineering and work for either a private aerospace company or for NASA.


Marina Autina409630_3583071659739_1791653133_n
Major: Physics
Interests: Painting, videogames and model making

Marina is a sophomore pursuing a physics major and a math minor. Fell in love with physics in high school and stayed with it because it offers a lot of opportunity to jump into almost any field after completing the degree. For now she plans on attending graduate school, most likely for high energy production research, possibly nuclear. Marina has also volunteered as a mentor for a middle school programing camp called ZeroRobotics and will be helpful with the outreach requirement for MicroG. In her spare time she likes to play video games, paint, make models, or spar with foam coated “swords” and she knows how to speak Russian. A few years ago she took some time off to travel to Washington and worked random jobs from painting houses to making biscotti.


DSC_0341Scott Warren
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Interests: Weightlifting, Snowboarding

Scott is a senior pursuing a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Initially, he began as a business major, but decided to switch to engineering because of his interests in science and design. Scott was also a flight member of the 2013-2014 Reduced Gravity Flight Program. Scott plans to pursue a career in the field of aerospace engineering where he can contribute to future space travel. He would also like to further his education with a master’s degree. From previous work Scott possesses knowledge and experience in machining. During his time off, he likes to participate in various sports and staying active.


IMG_1208Zach Chastaine
Major: Physics
Interests: Motorsports, mountain biking

Zachary Chastaine is a freshman pursuing a degree in physics and holds a BA in English writing from Boise State University. He is working toward someday designing and building spacecraft and helping foster human exploration of space. Zach is a member of the Physics and Astronomy Club at Boise State University and enjoys riding bicycles, music festivals and sampling craft beers. Working with the Boise State Microgravity Team is his first time being a part of a NASA project and Zach plans to continue studying science and engineering after completing his physics degree.




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