We have liftoff!

We did it! We made it to the next phase of the Micro-g NExT program. Our proposal was accepted and the Boise State 2015 Microgravity Team will be headed to NASA this summer! This is the seventh consecutive year that a Boise State team has been accepted, what an honor!

For those of you who may not know the first step of the Micro-g NExT is to write a technical proposal to NASA of what we would like to build and test. The team spent over 20 hours over the space of 3 weeks to prepare this proposal. We had a couple of late nights but ended with a 47 pager complete with 3D cad drawings, a budget and outreach pool and a fabrication plan for the tool.

The tool we will build will act like a grabber to collect samples from the asteroid surface. This tool will be used by the astronauts to safely collect three different samples in one trip without cross contamination. NASA gave us some guidelines for the tool we decided to build and from there we had to use our imagination.

It is very exciting to be selected as one of the few teams from across the nation to participate in this program. We have a lot of hard work ahead of us but we are of course excited for the challenge! We will be posting regular updates here so make sure to check back often and share with your friends and family the link this blog: boisestatemicrogravity2015.wordpress.com



Find out more about the teammates and their interests here: boisestatemicrogravity2015.wordpress.com/about/

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